Quirks as a Podcast

From Alberta reader David Richardson comes news that the CBC weekly science show Quirks and Quarks will be available starting Monday as a podcast (here’s the audio of the announcement as an MP3).

I’d like to think I had a little tiny bit to do with this. Back in September of 2004, I sent in this note to the show:

Hi there.
You very helpfully make MP3 and OGG files of your programmes available. Thanks.
I’m wondering if you would consider making an “RSS2.0 with Enclosures” feed for these audio files. This would allow me to automatically download them to my iPod for listening.
You can get more information about this at:

Back in February of this, I got an unexpected followup from Tod Maffin:

Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know that this email made it to me and the head of operations at the CBC who is spearheading our podcasting strategy, so it’s not gone unnoticed. :) Thanks for emailing.

I presume there were others that made the same request, and so Monday we’ll see the results. I’ll certainly be a podcatcher.