Quinn Cummings and The Hiphugger

Quinn Cummings When The Goodbye Girl was released in 1977 I was eleven years old. And actor Quinn Cummings, who played daughter Lucy McFadden in the film, was 10. Needless to say that the sassy barb she played in the movie was everything an 11 year old boy could hope for in a girl, and Quinn Cummings thus became my first movie-star-crush. Throw in Marsha Mason and an incensed Richard Dreyfuss — fresh off Jaws and Close Encounters — and The Goodbye Girl remains of my favourite movies. CBC aired it in the middle of last night and I recorded it and watched a bit this morning and it’s still as good as it ever was.

What I hadn’t reckoned on is young Quinn Cummings growing older just as I have. But she has, and she’s become an inventor and entrepreneur: The Hiphugger baby carrier is hers:

Quinn Cummings wanted to carry her daughter securely and comfortably. She wanted something safe and cuddly. She wanted it to be easy to use, easy to fit, and easy to stuff into a diaper bag. And, after shedding her pregnancy weight, she wanted to look good again. She didn’t want a padded contraption adding bulk to her finally-springing-back-to-shape body.