Quik Pod by Digipower

We wanted to get something to help Oliver with his photography at Cloggeroo last week, something that would clamp around the Moto G mobile phone he was using to shoot the photos, that would allow him both extra reach and a way of steadying the phone.

We went up to Best Buy the morning of Cloggeroo to see what we could find; I remembered there being a wide array of phone-mounts-for-tripods; alas there was nothing in evidence, and the staff disclaimed any knowledge of such things ever having existed.

Just before we headed out, empty-handed, I noticed a kit labelled Quik Pod by Digipower hanging in the camera accessories rack; it was exactly what we needed. Inside the carrying case was a telescoping monopod and a mobile phone clamp that screwed into it. It was $34, which seemed dear, but it was all they had, so we purchased one.

Here’s what it looks like:

Quik Pod Photo

And here’s an annotated sketch illustrating how it all fits together:

Digipower Quik Pod

The Quik Pod performed well at Cloggeroo: Oliver used it as a monopod, as a selfie-stick, and as an extension to allow better photos of the crowds. It was a good investment, and I’m sure we’ll make more use of it in the future.