Question About Weeks for Europeans

I have a question for the Europeans in the readership: it seems, from afar, that the notion of “what week it is in the current year” is a something that is referenced quite often in everyday European life. Like “licenses will be available after week 49” or “school will run from week 32 to week 53 this year.”

Is this true?


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Mark Wubben on July 15, 2006 - 05:08 Permalink


Though I can’t always remember what week it is, especially with university schedules I just look at the number of weeks since the term started (they provide that info as well).

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Keir Whitaker on July 15, 2006 - 08:32 Permalink

No, well certainly not in my experinece in the UK. I honestly can’t recall ever seeing something refer to a week number. Perhaps it depends on the institution. I once worked in the same office as a bunch of accountants and they constantly refered to the month, i.e. month 8 for November. Perhpas it happens more on mainland Europe.

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Henriette Weber... on July 15, 2006 - 17:21 Permalink

yeah it’s true, but it doesn’t mean that we know what week we’re in.. I find it terribly disrupting as well…

ps. hope you are doing fine , and miss CPH just a bit