Quality Service from Khoaw Pon

Khoaw Pon Authentic Thai on Great George Street has become one of my regular lunch stops: the food is well-made and well-spiced, the staff are friendly, they serve cold water in a tall ice-free glass, and the prices are reasonable.

Today I stopped in for lunch to find the placed slammed: there was a table of about 25 people taking up almost all the available seating, with several take-out orders waiting for food.

They handled the situation with aplomb, however: they offered me a seat in the (almost empty) burger place next door and, when my food, understandably, took about 30 minutes to arrive, they presented me with a $20 gift certificate for my troubles.

As a result they turned a bad situation, where I might drop them from my lunch rotation and recommend against others eating there, into a good situation where I’m lauding them.


Photo of $20 gift certificate from Khoaw Pon