Qik in 60 Seconds

Inspired by Ton and Robert, I’ve been playing with Qik, an application that runs on my Nokia N95 mobile phone that can stream live video from phone to the Internet. Here’s a video of Qik in operation:

Here’s the video I streamed live on Qik and here’s an RSS feed of all my Qik videos.

While it’s been possible to shoot video on mobile phones for a while, and it’s been possible to upload that video to places like YouTube and Google Video, using Qik takes the process to a whole other level: there’s literally nothing you need to do to make it work: you just turn it on and stream. So no transferring from phone to computer, worrying about format conversion, waiting for the video to upload: you just hit “Stream” on the phone, and you’re broadcasting.

Which means that the 4 ounce device in my pocket can now reflect my immediate surroundings to the world at large more quickly than almost any other technology.