Purity Oats & Barley

Olivia and I have been proud to have contributed, in a small way, to the development of Purity Dairy’s new Oats & Barley beverage: over the last year we’ve been secreted out of the dairy with unmarked beta testing flagons. We’ve cooked with it (chocolate waffles!), steamed it up for coffee, made hot chocolate, and had it straight up, offering our feedback along the way.

And now it’s out in stores! It’s great to see a locally-developed-and-produced alternative to Big Oat Milk.


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Sandy on July 1, 2021 - 07:02 Permalink

I was excited about being able to buy a local non dairy product, but I was so disappointed when I realized it wasn't gluten-free. With 2 gluten free family members I need to buy gluten free non dairy so we can all consume it.