The Professionally Social

I am just back from Landskrona, site of Alibis for Interaction, where those who were in town on conference-eve gathered for a bowl of lentil soup and some early introductions.

I realized, while sipping my soup and drinking in the room, that I am going to a conference with a bunch of professionally social people who are gathering, in part, to discuss the engineering behind their profession.

My participation is either a really good idea (a master class in “not being so terrified of conversation with strangers”) or an inane one (suiting up to play offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams with a mortal fear of footballs).

One way or the other, tomorrow morning I dive in with both feet.


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Peter Rukavina on October 23, 2013 - 22:14 Permalink

Note, the LA Rams shut down in 1994. They did feature prominently, though, in the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait, which you really should watch if you haven’t seen it.