Profane and iconoclastic and filled with penises… (and brilliant)

While I’ve been fiddling with 2014-celebrating type over the past two weeks it’s been more than a few times that I’ve been sharing workspace with the team behind the 2014-celebrating Tall Hat Chronicles, who have been writing and rehearsing here at The Guild. We’ve both found ourselves weaving and dodging to keep out of the way of the all-pervasive Anne and Gilbert, the cast and crew of which, deep into their own rehearsals, seem to ooze from every pore of building.

Having a “Tall Hat Chronicles: Behind the Music” view into the creative process has left me with a deeper appreciation for the fine crafting that goes into making the funny: the show, described for tourismocratic purposes as a “comedic and satirical look at our Island history as it relates to the wider history of Canada and the world,” is, as you might expect, profane and iconoclastic and filled with penises.

And brilliant.

And it is, I can attest, being thoughtfully crafted (I believe I may have heard one of the cast say something like “I don’t think James Palmer would say something like that”) and there were several times when I was at the letterpress and they were reading lines on the sofas around the corner when it was all I could do to contain myself from bursting out in (likely inappropriate) laughter.

I’m looking forward to it. Here’s a taste:

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