Printing a Hole Punch

I needed to make holes in paper, but I didn’t have a hole punch here in the office.

So I found a model of a hole punch on Thingiverse and printed one for myself. It took 4 hours to print, and it looked like this when it was finished:

Hole Punch finished printing on the 3D printer

It created unsatisfyingly messy holes in paper–more like gashes than holes really:

The hole punch in action: a hole punched in a card

The “spring” action, however, is very satisfying, and I will see if I can take some of the ideas from the typical metal hole punch and come up with a modified version that might create more hole-like holes.


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Dave on July 27, 2018 - 06:50 Permalink

Hey, did you ever get around to this? I'm thinking of something like this. I think if the knife end fit snug in the hole you might get a nice cut.