Printer · Developer · Writer

When I first signed up for Twitter back in 2006 it asked for a “bio” and so, on the spur of the moment, I came up with “Psychogeographer & Personal Telemetrist,” based on the interests I happened to have on that particular day. And that bio followed me around the web as I was asked for a pithy tagline for other web services.

When updating my Twitter “header image” (it’s a new Twitter feature: add yours on the Design page of your profile) I decided it was time for a change, and perhaps a change to a bio that more accurately reflects my actual interests.

And so “Psychogeographer & Personal Telemetrist” has given way to “Printer · Developer · Writer.” When I’m not being a partner or father or eating smoked salmon on a bagel, I’m generally printing, developing or writing, so, right now, that’s who I am.

New Twitter Header

New Gogle Plus Header