Primary Day in New Hampshire

Over the lunch hour today, I drove up from Dublin to Keene to the house of Nat Stout, who is a colleague here at Yankee, and active in the Dean campaign. Nat’s house was home to a “get out the vote” effort for Dean, and there were a gaggle of young Dean supporters from across America there on the phone, and coming and going to and from polling locations and strategic “visibility” locations where they could hold large Dean signs.

I spent about an hour at Nat’s, watching the action, sharing some pizza, and learning about what Nat called “the nitty gritty.” At 1:00 p.m., I taped a piece, by cell phone, with Matt Rainnie for CBC Prince Edward Island’s Main Street on my Primary experiences. And on the way back to Dublin, I swung by the polling location nearest to Nat’s house and took some pictures:

Keene Votes Keene Votes Keene Votes