The price of not being supportive is too much”

Archdeacon John Clarke, Rector of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, in a blog post today:

That’s why it is important for the Church (our Church) to remain cautious about how we behave in the world, by what we buy, believe, support and protest. That’s why it is important for us to continue to do things like participating in the Pride Parade, either as participants or spectators, to show our support of several groups of people who are persecuted, in one way or another for no good reason.

It’s a little disconcerting, I must say, to see the crowds lining the streets of Charlottetown do a double-take when they see St. Paul’s Church in the Pride Parade. It is sad that only two churches participate in the Parade, because as along as people are persecuted, imprisoned and even sentenced to death due to their sexuality we have a responsibility to stand with, march with and celebrate with them until they enjoy freedom. The price of a guilty conscience is too much.

Pride PEI marks 25 years on PEI and this years Festival begins on July 20, and the Pride Parade is scheduled for July 27. The price of not being supportive is too much.

I’m proud to be the Church’s neighbour.