Price of Admission to America: A Car

Maybe the real problem in New Orleans was that everyone in a position to plan for emergencies simply assumed that everyone has a car.

Think about it: if an announcement came that you had to leave your home right now because of an impending disaster, how would you get away? And if you have a car yourself, how many of your neighbours don’t? Would you remember them? How would we ensure that nobody got left behind?

I live on a small, narrow Island. My house is 3 blocks from the ocean. I have no idea what, if any, plans are in place to get me, my family, and my neighbours to safety is Katrina-style weather was on its way.


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paul on September 6, 2005 - 22:30 Permalink

Not to sound like a soulless libertarian, but shouldn’t you have your *own* plans?

Here in earthquake country, we’re using Katrina as a call to action and checking our plans and supplies. The conventional wisdom is that we need to get through the first 72 hours without any official assistance. So water/food for everyone — 2 gallons per day — as well as shelter and comfort items are on the list as well as various tools, first-aid items.