PresenceRouter = Plazes + Brightkite

Now that Brightkite has an API, I took a few hours tonight baking Brightkite support into PresenceRouter, and I just released version 2.93. Brightkite has a somewhat different object model than Plazes does:

As such, the PresenceRouter-Brightkite connection grabs the current status message and Plaze from, then searches for the applicable Brightkite location ID, posts a check-in, and then posts a note with the Plazes status message.

Because this is all done in AppleScript I haven’t, for the moment, attempted to use Brightkite’s OAuth support (PresenceRouter does use OAuth for Fire Eagle authentication, but Fire Eagle supports the PLAINTEXT signature method, whereas Brightkite only supports HMAC-SHA1, which requires some signing voodoo that requires some additional heavy AppleScript lifting). Because of this, and because Brightkite doesn’t seem to support HTTPS, for the time being the Brightkite username and password are sent using HTTP Basic Authentication.

Brightkite Support in PresenceRouter - Share on Ovi Brightkite Support in PresenceRouter - Share on Ovi

I have a few Brightkite invites available if anyone wants to experience the wonder of all of this first-hand.


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mike on October 11, 2008 - 17:13 Permalink

I’m looking for something which will post to brightkite from applescript, do you think this is possible?