The Premier and Me

Regular readers will recall a series of photos taken at the annual New Year’s Day Levee with Pat Binns, then-Premier of Prince Edward Island. Well, the tradition continues: I received my photo with now-Premier Robert Ghiz in the mail last week (another miracle of Prince Edward Island-ness: I never gave anyone my mailing address – they just figure it out somehow).  Here it is, with photos of me and Pat Binns below for comparison. 

I think you’ll agree that, although it was completely be accident, I scored a colour-coordination win this year. Notice as well that every year I seem to be getting a little closer to the Premier in the photo (in 2004 I appear not to notice that he’s standing beside me).


Robert Ghiz and Peter Rukavina in 2010


Pat Bins and Peter Rukavina in 2006


Pat Bins and Peter Rukavina in 2005


Pat Bins and Peter Rukavina in 2004