In Praise of Delta Airlines

I haven’t even flown on Delta to Halifax, and they’re already impressing me. A few years back I remember reading about a Delta initiative to improve the quality of their in-airport passenger information. It’s working:

Delta Airlines Info Screen Delta Airlines Departure Screen

The top screen is a large plasma display hanging near the gate. It lists everything from the names of passengers on stand-by to the weather at the destination to information about the nearest washrooms. The bottom screen is the “departure information” screen; pretty standard except that you’ll see that my flight to Halifax at 8:10 is listed as “At Gate,” which is a helpful little bit of information (especially in light of the many Air Canada flights I’ve taken that are listed as “on time” when the actual airplane is 500km away).

Delta obviously understands that flying is frustrating and stressful, and every little bit of information you can provide can help to mitigate that.

I’m flying out of Delta’s new Terminal A here at Logan: it’s beautiful and bright and well laid-out, with many eating and shopping options. I just polished off a very good plate of pasta and chicken from the “Legal Seafoods Test Kitchen” around the corner.

Delta to YHZ tonight; Air Canada to YYG tomorrow morning.


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Peter Rukavina on February 23, 2007 - 04:16 Permalink

Postscript: flight left on time, arrived on time, carried only 7 people (on a CRJ jet), and was overseen by a pleasant flight attendant named Maxine. Total deplane-to-hotel time, with crazy super-fast shuttle driver, was 20 minutes, including customs and baggage. Amazing.

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Krista on February 26, 2007 - 14:25 Permalink

I flew ‘Delta Song’ a few years ago, it was such a great flight- I still talk about it! It was friendly, VERY comfortable and entertaining- I didn’t know what to do first, they had individual TVs and triva where you could play against other people on the flight (damn seat A18 for alwasy beating me!)Of course after flying Air Canada for years, a parachute and a compass is a treat.