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Dave on June 15, 2004 - 22:31 Permalink

I was going to add the link from CBC regarding the recent Maritime Electric / PEI Government comments about the new generator under ‘mired..’ but I can’t find the story in the archives. Guess we’ll just have to use our imaginations.

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Ken on June 15, 2004 - 23:53 Permalink

More power to you.

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Ken on June 16, 2004 - 16:09 Permalink

If it costs less, our free market system will carry it to the top no matter what technology makes it possible. Yet, structural canges are resisted by stick in the mud, risk averse, regulated executives such as Maritime Electric’s.

The dilemma is how to prove their worth investing in — what if they all fall down next Juan-uary. The very high wind we want to harness, breaking free from windmills draw! I guess the windmill project at the tip of PEI has not had any debacles for the many years it’s been testing windmill power. I’ll bet there are implications in the industry that have nothing to do with the merit of wind power, just institutional fear investing in a folly.

If we manage to run our island on windmill power, will the executives of Maritime Electric feel wimpy at the next industry conference alongside their oil & coal peers?

Maybe we could put a flapping baseball card on the windmills so it sounds like a a big motor to them.

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Marcus on June 16, 2004 - 21:34 Permalink
That dinosaur of an oil-fired generating station in downtown Charlottetown (and the Borden & Summerside diesel GSs)could be replaced if we collectively decided to go to a) natural gas (and stop debating it — just do it), or b) wind energy (and stop debat… )

Perhaps if the residents of Malpeque are so opposed to having J.D. Irving’s windfarm located there, and NIMBY-sentiment exists across PEI to these proposals, then we should seriously look at placing these turbines offshore. Tourists at Cavendish never face towards the water anyway — they face south to the sun so they can soak up the rays.

A few windfarms several hundred metres offshore such as the one proposed near Nantucket wouldn’t hurt that much, plus part of PEI’s ever-so-small landmass wouldn’t be taken up with such developments. With lobster landings declining there has to be some use of these offshore areas…