Power Corrupts

It’s been an exciting day here at Reinvented HQ as all manner of electricity professionals have been running in and out of the building, all with the mission of upgrading the silverorange electrical system, the primary addition being the huge propane-powered generator behind my office window that will keep our collected servers running well into and beyond the End Times.

Although silverorange has done an excellent job at keeping operations humming along and powered — as I type my laptop, monitor and Internet are all being powered by a thick electrical cable that ultimately is wired into the oven plug of the apartment in the house next door — all the power upping and downing seems to have pushed the 5-year old Linksys switch that was tying together our entire operation over the edge. This meant flaky connectivity for the first half of the day, descending into no connectivity by midday. Fortunately there was a spare switch hanging around that I’ve been able to borrow (thanks Keith!), and everything is humming along smoothly now.