Posted up in Kensington

I got in my Kia Soul EV this morning to head to Freetown (to ride Tye the Horse) only to find that I hadn’t plugged the charger plug into the car sufficiently snuggly for it to actually charge. So I had 74 km of range for a 92 km round trip.

There was no way I wasn’t going, so I threw caution to the wind and drove out anyway, confident that everything would work out.

Which is how I found myself, post-ride, with 19 km of range as I pulled up to the Sun Country Highway charger at the Kensington Train station.

Fortunately modern Kensington is well-outfitted for the Bohemian EV charging traveller: I just finished up a salmon bagel from the C+B, and I’m headed across to The Willow for coffee.

I’m up to 34 km of range now, for a 49 km trip, so if the electrons continue to flow freely, I’m on track to be able to make my 3:00 p.m appointment in town