Polyclinic: A clinic, hospital, or health care facility that treats various types of diseases and injuries. (from the American Heritage Dictionary).

Distance of the Charlottetown Polyclinic to our house: 214 m.

Places in the Charlottetown Polyclinic that we’ve visited in the past 8 years: the doctor who helped me with my first bout of carpal tunnel syndrome, Catherine’s OB/GYN during her pregnancy with Oliver, the surgeon who performed my colonoscopy, the surgeon who repaired the cartilage in Catherine’s knee, the clinic where we got our immunizations before our trip to Thailand, the place where we both got new pairs of glasses, Catherine’s physiotherapist, Lawton’s drug store.

And now, our new accounting firm.

I suppose you can consider income tax an injury.


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Kevin O on March 19, 2002 - 20:11 Permalink

Yuck! They’ve got one of those damned web pages that won’t let you hit the ←- back button and go back where you were unless you pound it quickly several times and then the intended target is often over-shot… other than that, it looks reasonable.