Plazes to Nokia Maps Bookmarklet Updated

I’ve updated the Plazes to Nokia Maps Bookmarklet I created back in April. It now supports both and, and is smart enough to recognize a Plaze IDs in URLs in both common forms:

  • 31704_teglbr_ndervej_6
  • 31704

As before, just drag this link onto your browser toolbar:

Next, visit the page of a Plaze. Here’s the one for my office, for example, and here’s the same Plaze on Now click the “Make Landmark” bookmark on your toolbar: after a brief pause you’ll be prompted to save a file.

Save this file and copy it to your Nokia Maps-enabled mobile, and open it. You’ll now be able to save the location and details of the Plaze as a landmark, which you can then use just like any other landmark in Nokia Maps.