Plazes Launcher BASH Shell Script + Linux

The code described here has been moved into Subversion.

I’ve modified the original Plazes Launcher BASH Shell Script to add Linux-compatibility. Here’s the updated version. This version also fixes a couple of bugs that only became evident under Linux.

I’ve not made any attempt to be “smart” about OS detection — you need to manually set an “OS” variable to either “linux” or “mac”. The only difference the setting makes is in the grabbing of the MAC address of the default gateway; I’ve added support for the output of the netstat and arp commands as they exist on my RedHat install (arp 1.88, netstat 1.42).

In theory, as long as OpenSSL and cURL are installed, this new version should work on a Linux-based mobile device like the Sharp Zaurus (mine is due to arrive Any Day Now, so I’ll be able to test shortly).


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Olle Jonsson on September 27, 2005 - 13:10 Permalink

I am amazed: what a release cycle! You are jsut churning it out! Am going to check out the Zaurus thing, if you are interested in it, it might be neat.

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