Plazes BASH Launcher Gets Real

The code described here has been moved into Subversion.

I’m continuing my frantic release (aka procrastination) schedule for the Plazes Launcher BASH shell script with a new version this afternoon: here’s the updated version (version 0.4).

This is the first version of the script to approximate the behaviour of a “real” Launcher — not only does it handle initial registration with the server, but it also handles the updates every 4 minutes and re-launches every 8 minutes specified in the Plazes API spec.

This version is also laid out somewhat more modularly, and includes the option to log events to a file.

In theory there should be no reason this shell script can’t now be used as a day-to-day Plazes Launcher (setting aside, of course, that it has none of the fancy features that GUI launchers have).

Updated Plazes BASH Launcher screen shot