Plazer for Series 60 Data Usage

Now that there’s a version of the Plazer for Series 60 mobile phones (it’s in beta right now), the question of how much data it actually takes to ping the Plazes server with location information becomes important — at 5 cents/KB, data costs can mount quickly, especially for an application designed to run all the time.

Here’s what my Nokia N70 reports was the GPRS data usage after launching the Plazer and identifying my current location:

Data Usage from Plazer

That’s 3.06KB of data sent out and 8.09KB of data returned, for a total of 11.15KB. It cost me 50 cents with a Rogers Wireless “Pay As You Go” account:

Rogers Wireless Data Charges Screen Shot

Assuming 5 location changes a day, that would amount to about 1.7MB in data, or $75/month in data charges to run the Plazer all the time. This could be mitigated somewhat by upgrading to a “real” data access account — Rogers sells a $25/month plan that includes 3MB of data transfer.