A Pilgrimage to Frab’s

I am an overseas customer, a follower, and fan of Frab’s, the magazine shop in the Italian town of Forlì, an eponymous effort of Anna Frabotta.

I came across Frab’s on the same route I encountered Edicola518 in Perugia, and when it became apparent that our journey from Numana to Florence via Bologna was going to take us within spitting distance, Lisa knew enough to know that, even though the shop was closed today, I’d want to make a pilgrimage. So we did.

Forlì, it turns out, is a nice town in its own right, compact, filled with bicycle paths, and sporting a lovely town square. Frab’s is just off the square.

The shop—from the outside looking in—seemed everything I imagined it to be. I hope someday to return during opening hours.

While we could take only pictures, there was a helpfully This Box is for Good-sized letterbox at the ready, so we were able to leave something of ourselves behind at least.