The Phone in the Crows Nest

On the third floor of the Sagendorph Building here at Yankee Publishing, at the end of the hall near where my temporary office sits, is a room called, internally, the “crow’s nest.” Many of my meetings this week have been hosted there, and in previous years I’ve set up temporary office there; in an earlier incarnation it was the office of my friend and colleague the late John Pierce.

I can walk out of the Crow’s Nest and unto the roof of the building and appear on The Old Farmer’s Almanac webcam; here’s me doing just that (the image is tilted because the camera got tilted by construction workers):

Me on the Roof of The Old Farmer's Almanac

I noticed this morning that the phone in the room is labelled “Crows Nst,” which takes its unofficial name into officialdom. I love this.

Phone at Yankee Publishing showing Crow's Nest on the phone identifying its location.