Peter’s Special

For many years my friend David has had his own special at Timothy’s Coffee; the details escape me, but it’s along the lines of coffee, toast and a copy of the Globe and Mail. I’ve always been jealous of David because of this, and so I’m doubly happy the Casa Mia Café, where I have coffee and a muffin every morning, is about to lauch “Peter’s Special” when their new point-of-sale system launches. I got a sneak peak this morning and Mehrnoosh, personable co-owner of the café, showed me what prints out at the kitchen when a “Peter” is ordered:

Peters Special

This is, among other things, an excellent exemplar of my persnicketiness – “small cup with demitasse spoon” and the like – and I love it.

Of course there’s nothing to prevent you from ordering “Peter’s Special” yourself if you want to join the demitasse, no-butter, no-knife, no-ice revolution. I’ll let you know when it’s available.