Pete and Dave go to New York

My friend and erstwhile colleague Dave are off this week on a pilgrimage to New York City.

For Dave, despite his living large, take no prisoners, bravado, this is is very first trip to the Big City (or at least to this Big City). And it’s only my fourth trip (and my first was when I was 8 years old, so I don’t remember much) to the City. So I’m certain a wacky and exciting time will be had by all. Stay tuned for developments as they happen.

I’m heading off this morning for a circuitous via-Boston and New Hampshire route to New York; Dave is joining me at Logan on Tuesday. We’re flying Delta for the first time, which should offer an interesting comparison to the recent dreckly service I’ve been getting from Air Canada.

With time to kill because of my cheaper Saturday-stay fare, I’m heading to the New Bedford Summerfest Folk Festival tonight and Sunday — who could resist a stellar lineup of folk greats with an admission fee of $7?

Watch this space for more.