Percentage Cacao

The Washington Post says “Hershey’s milk chocolate contains about 11 percent cacao.” Our friends at Scharffen Berger have a new 82% Extra Dark Chocolate. Once you’ve gone over to the dark side, you can never go back.


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Dale Sorensen on January 6, 2005 - 03:41 Permalink

I have gone through most of my life not liking chocolate. I know that sounds crazy. But last year Sandy bought some Cocoa Camino organic fair trade cocoa, and when I tried what she made with it, I was surprised to discover that I actually liked it. Thus began a new phase in my life; I actually now buy chocolate and this summer even craved it for a while. But not all chocolate is created equal, and I have become a chocolate connoisseur of sorts. You won’t catch me eating a “normal” milk chocolate bar, and I tend to prefer the really dark stuff, my current favourite being Lindt Excellence, either 70% or 85%. This Scharffen Berger stuff sounds really good — can you get this on PEI?

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andrea on January 6, 2005 - 23:02 Permalink


You guys gave me a tin of the Camino Cocoa last April and I meant to tell you when I was home last week how it has changed my attitude about drinking hot cocoa. It has such a nice, rich flavour — it is nice enough to drink in hot water without sweetening. Thanks!

I recently purchased Cocoa Camino’s dark hot chocolate mix — it’s quite good too.