People and Blogs

Through his weekly People and Blogs newsletter, Manuel Moreale is emerging as a sort of “Aslan of the small web.”

With Phil Gyford, whose is an old-style-Yahoo! directory of “blogs about every topic,” Kagi’s Small Web search, and Marginalia’s search, the personal, non-commercial, passionate part of the web—what you might call “the old web,” or “the web before capitalism blotted out the sun”—is re-emerging from under the bushel basket that Google’s search algorithm has imposed on it in recent years.

(Here’s a fun way to spend an afternoon: enter a word, any old word, into a Kagi search, and flip the “Small Web” toggle. I guarantee you will find interesting things: here’s a recipe for Brussels Sprout Fried Rice and here’s a post about walking through Bulgaria, for example.)

Which is all a circuitous way of announcing that I’m proud to be included in People and Blogs myself this week. I enjoyed the process of answering Manuel’s questions about my blog and my blogging, and the chance to remind myself why and how much I have loved—do love—this space.


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vbj on February 17, 2024 - 13:39 Permalink

I am sure I am not the only one who has been a regular reader over the years and enjoyed every post.