People Acting Quickly

One of the more satisfying aspects of my Mail Me Something project is getting to see things I’ve printed on the letterpress popping up all over the world as envelopes arrive, are unsealed, and photos posted on Instagram, Twitter, Path and Facebook (it’s also a good measure of the speed of various post offices: in order things have arrived, so far, in Tyne Valley, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Mount Stewart, Peterborough (Ontario) and Malmö).

Updated calendar

Act quickly summer is almost over

Heather Mullen Act Quickly Photo

Peter Bihr Act

I will @ruk! Thank you for the unexpected motivator! ;)

Photos, from top to bottom, by Jonas, Jonas, Heather, Peter and Pedro.


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Heather M on August 29, 2013 - 20:16 Permalink

I pass this reminder on my fridge each morning with a bit of a sense of dread. But then I just remembered, Fall is amazing on PEI. Great weather, less traffic, quiet beaches and cool evenings. I will feel a little less dread and look forward to our fall adventures.

I love it when you mail me something. I want to join you at the letterpress someday and mail out something to everyone,