Penguin Cafe

If you were an admirer of the seminal Penguin Café Orchestra, then you might like Penguin Cafe, a sort of spiritual reconstitution thereof by founder Simon Jeffes’s son Arthur:

Penguin Cafe was founded by Arthur Jeffes in 2009, bringing together a diverse and disparate group of musicians from the likes of Suede, Gorillaz and Razorlight, initially to perform his father Simon Jeffes’ legacy of world renowned Penguin Cafe Orchestra music, ten years after his untimely death in 1997.

Arthur, a composer in his own right, quickly began to create new and unique genre-defying music, with the spellbinding philosophy of the Penguin Cafe always in his mind.

The recently-released The Imperfect Sea is both of and a departure from the fathership. It’s available from the excellent Erased Tapes, which has itself just turned 10 and released a fresh new website.

You can’t do much better than putting the Erased Tapes back catalogue into a Spotify playlist and letting it run all day.

Penguin Cafe album cover for The Imperfect Sea