Pedestrian Signals at Prince and Euston

One of the first issues I raised when I started to become involved with the Prince Street Home and School was the intersection at the corner of Prince and Euston Streets and its lack of pedestrian signals.

There are a lot of kids and parents passing through that intersection every morning and every afternoon to and from the school; anyone who has ever walked or driven through that intersection knows that it’s an accident always waiting to happen.

And so in January of 2009 the Home and School sent a letter to the City of Charlottetown asking that the intersection be rebuilt, with proper signals and other safety measures installed. It’s taken two years and a couple of additional email exchanges reinforcing our request, but I’m happy to report that Councillor Eddie Rice left the following on my doorstep this evening, just before I headed off to tonight’s Home and School meeting:

Prince Euston Plan

Prince Euston Details

If all goes according to plan, by the end of the year the intersection should be rebuilt, and should be much safer for walkers and drivers alike.

Thanks to Councillor Rice for making this a priority and for communicating regularly with the Home and School with updates.