Peak Verdant

The large back garden is one of the great aspects of 100 Prince Street, and never is it more beautiful and verdant than in June.

Two years ago—can it really been have been so little and so long ago both?!—the back garden was filled with Crafting {:} a Life conversations and we were all feeling lucky to be alive.

Postscript: as proof that seasons have patterns and my perception of seasons also has patterns, I noted the same thing, almost exactly a year ago, with exactly the same post title


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Ton Zijlstra on June 7, 2021 - 09:45 Permalink

Two years already, yes it feels much closer than that, and also further away. Read somewhere that the amount of new information / experiences taking up our time influence our perception of how near /far something is, and the amount of memories it contains. e.g. my university years, a period of 6-7 years is a dense network of memories and feels more 'now' than some other things that are much more recent. I think back to CaL regularly, the conversations we had, and the time we spent with you, Catherine and Olivia. In that green garden, and out on the deck behind your home.