PC banished to the basement

Deep in the bowels of our Reinvented World Headquarters lies the Secret Data Centre, home of the server that drives this website and our other hosted sites.

As I recounted here earlier I’ve been using my iBook more and more as my main working machine. For the past month this has meant that my office desk has been covered by my IBM-PC pushed over to one side with my iBook teetering amongst the mess.

Gradually I’ve been weening myself from my PC applications, and I’ve pared my need for the PC down to two applications: Xara and Quicken; everything else I’m doing on my iBook.

My momentary bachelorhood afforded an opportunity to clean my office today, and as part of this process I decided I was ready to relegate the PC to the Secret Data Centre. And so there it sits, lonely and tired. It’s still on the network, so I can screen share with it (using VNC) when I need to. But it’s out of the way, and my desk is now a pristine expanse of pretend wood punctuated by the iBook, the telephone and a desk lamp.