Pasting Text into QuickTime Pro

Via my father comes the revelation that you can cut and paste plain text into QuickTime Pro.

In versions 5 and earlier, the text would all be pasted into a new frame, white text with a black background, sized accordingly, centred. In version 6.5, this behaviour has changed, and the text is split, frame by frame, using carriage returns as the delimiter.

Dad’s contractor found this link at Apple about QuickTime “text descriptors,” that can be used to format QuickTime text tracks, including those that you cut and paste in.


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"-" on July 27, 2004 - 19:55 Permalink
     I can't say thanx
enuf for reminding me
about all this. When
I get back to school,
I'll start writing QT
poetry again, but with
a little more panache,
'cause of your notice.