Parking Bad

Parking pro-tip: if your car, truck or van is covering the sidewalk, you’re doing something wrong.

Imagine rolling down this Prince Street sidewalk on this bitterly cold day only to encounter this: your only options are to roll out into traffic, or to backtrack to Grafton Street, cross, and take the other sidewalk down.

This is a problem that’s 100% preventable by exercising thoughtful parking. Spread the word.

Cars and trucks blocking the Prince Street sidewalk.


Jarek's picture
Jarek on February 21, 2020 - 21:44 Permalink

I'm impressed the sidewalk is cleared of snow!

Susan White's picture
Susan White on February 22, 2020 - 12:25 Permalink

I will never understand how people can do things like this with no consideration for others.

Oliver B's picture
Oliver B on February 22, 2020 - 19:40 Permalink

Does rolling up onto the curb somehow protect you from being unable to back out of a space after a heavy snow and/or icing over of the roads? I can imagine that being a strong incentive, especially if you're expecting not to return to your car until it's late and cold and no one is around

Andrew's picture
Andrew on February 24, 2020 - 05:51 Permalink

Very inconsiderate. I’ve called Charlottetown Police Services several times for stuff like this. They’ll ticket and tow.