Panic Room

The Jodi Foster film Panic Room is a decent night out. You won’t learn anything new, but you will be entertained. Best seen on a big screen, I think.


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magistarfish on April 8, 2002 - 15:10 Permalink

Saw this one myself Saturday night. A fine film though different from most David Fincher flicks (Fight Club, Seven) in that there was no hidden meaning as far as I could see — just a surface suspense/action flick. Must admit I was a-lookin’ for a bit more. But Jodie Foster does her usual swell performance.

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Pandy on May 4, 2002 - 08:12 Permalink

beautifully executed film, apart from the odd inconsistency like the intercom becoming 2-way (too stupid to survey the scene? and toom stupid to knock the cameras out?). After months of crap except ‘Mullholland’, it was a thrill to see a film-maker spend the time getting something right. The direction was superb and not least complex in a small environment, I’m not surprised he skated over the odd element. The ending, for me was satisfactory too.