Panama Boquete Pourover

Longtime readers will recall my affinity for #vanlifers and their YouTube exploits. The pandemic forced everyone to ground, including the #vanlifers, and it’s been interesting to follow the paths their lives have taken without the ability to monetize their nomadicity.

Kaylee and Jordan, sobriquet The Nomadic Movement, have arguably made the most most interesting pivot, putting their converted school bus up on blocks and terraforming a back-to-the-land homestead in the hills of Boquete, Panama.

Along the way they formed a coffee company, in partnership with the local Buckle Tip Coffee, and their vlogging about that project has taught me a little about Panamanian coffee. Such that this morning, when I decided to try the new Coffee Plus shop on Great George Street (in the space formerly occupied by David’s Tea) and saw “Panama Boquete Pourover” on the coffee menu, I was particularly motivated to try it.

I was not disappointed.

Boquete Panama Pourover at Coffee Plus

This is not the ”hit me over the head with a rake” coffee of the Starbucks/Tim Hortons cinematic universe, it’s subtle, like a complex white wine. It’s offered in a beautiful service, in pleasant surroundings, by friendly people. A welcome addition to the Charlottetown coffee scene.


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Oliver on June 20, 2021 - 15:59 Permalink

Seems there’s more than one variety even after you’ve narrowed it to Boquete. “Geisha” by way of Ethiopia seems to be a famous one. It’s been a while but I remember often settling on Panama as a favorite single-source coffee option. Nowadays my whole-bean choices at the grocery are all blends and specified by character and length of roast.