Our House, in the Middle of the Street

Wily-eyed friend Gary found this Robert Harris watercolour in the online Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Robert Harris (1849 - 1919)  Methodist Chapel, 1870, Confederation Centre Art Gallery CAG H-193

From the church, count three buildings to the left: that’s our house at 100 Prince Street. When the watercolour was painted, in 1870, our house was already 33 years old (see also this photo taken 34 years after the watercolour).

Kudos to the team at the Centre for developing this wonderful, elegant online resource. Who would have ever thought that the Centre would employ people with the job title of Metadata Technician.

I do shudder to think that our house is now part of the grade 4-5 curriculum, although I do take some pride in knowing that this will help students “identify and describe how people create places that reflect human needs, values, and ideas.” That’s certainly the effect we’re going for here, now.