Our Happy Life

From my friend Vivian comes a pointer to Our Happy Life, an exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture that closes this week:

The exhibition Our Happy Life is a three-act study on the new spatial models founded on the measurement of happiness; including a dissection of the political project behind methods of city data collection and application, an investigation of the emotional component of the real estate market, and a demystification of the idea of social space. Our Happy Life is a narrative anti-manual which explores and interprets recent paradigms that are shaping our present perception of place, giving new identity to the materials of the private space of our homes, reconceiving our working environments, and transforming development itself through the planning of our cities.

Our Happy Life exhibit

Photo by Vivan Beer
Our Happy Life: Architecture and Well-Being in the Age of Emotional Capitalism

Installation view, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, 2019. © CCA