Other side of the world…

So here we are on the aforementioned other side of the world. It takes a long, long time to get here. And for those of you who think that once you’re in Tokyo, you’re in the neighbourhood of Thailand, well, you’re not — there’s another 6 hours to go.

Oliver was the best flyer of any of us — he just ate and slept and flirted with the flight attendants. He can go anywhere. I, on the other hand, came close to melting down from the lack of sleep of it all by the time we reached Narita; thankfully Catherine kept us going, as she somehow eluded exhaustion.

Wonder of wonders, we met Harold at the airport in Bangkok — nice of him to trudge out there for midnight! — and made our way to our hotel.

Today we’re out to explore the world of Bangkok. More later.