(Other) Election Time

By accident of birth, I am an American citizen (because of parentage I’m also a Canadian), and as such I can vote by absentee ballot in U.S. elections. The oddest thing about this process (other than that I’ve not actually lived in the U.S. for 44 years) is that I vote at the address I last lived at in the U.S., which is 863 Post Avenue, Rochester, NY, which is where my parents lived when I was born, and for 4 months after.

Two days ago my ballot arrived in the mail – I’d registered as an absentee voter in the 2008 election and the ballots seem to just keep on coming automatically – and here are the parties I can choose among for the two United States Senator and one Representative in Congress position:

  • Democratic
  • Republican
  • Independence
  • Conservative
  • Working Families
  • Green
  • Libertarian Antiprohibition
  • Libertarian
  • Antiprohibition
  • Tax Revolt
  • Rent is 2 Damn High

(It seems that for one United States Senator position there’s a single candidate on the “Libertarian Antiprohibition” ticket whereas for the other the ticket is split between a Libertarian and an Antiprohibition candidate.)

From the pot-leaf symbol on the ballot (yes), I’m assuming that the “prohibition” that’s being opposed here isn’t alcohol.

Now my candidate research process begins.