Organic Food Delivery

Aaron Koleszar — you may remember him from his appearance on the cover of TIME magazine — is launching a new organic vegetable delivery service this week. If you order today, you’ll get delivery on Thursday. Here’s the complete text of his email offer:

I am pleased to announce that I will be making my first deliveries of an organic local veggie box next Thursday, August 16. If you want to order a veggie box and/or anything else (see below), please reply by email or phone by the evening of Monday, August 13. If you are ordering, please provide your location, address, street (or route #), civic #, apartment #, directions (if not obvious), phone #, cell phone #, email address (if I’m not emailing you), drop-off specifics (see below), and what you’d like to order.
This week, the cost for a veggie box will be $22. I expect this week’s box will contain yellow beans, green beans, broccoli, beet greens, lettuce, zucchini, new potatoes, and young onions from Sweet Clover Farm.
Certified Organic Produce		Price
yellow beans (1lb.)			$4
green beans (1lb.)			$4
broccoli (head)				$2
beet greens (bunch)			$3
lettuce (head)				$2
zucchini (bag, mixed yellow & green)	$3
new potatoes (2 lbs.)			$3
young onions (bunch)			$3
Limited supply, by order only (chemical-free, ie. not certified organic, from my garden or nearby woods)
peppermint (bunch)			$2
raspberries (pint)			$4
chanterell mushrooms	(pint)		$4
chanterell mushrooms	(quart)		$7
Coffee (Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Locally Roasted). Please Indicate Whole Bean or Ground
Bolivian Medium Roast	(1lb.)	$11
Bolivian Dark Roast	(1lb.)	$11
Mexican Medium Roast    (1lb.)	$11
Mexican Dark Roast	(1lb.)	$11
Decaffeinated is available, but it’s not Organic or Fair Trade ($11) I can get Just Us Certified Organic Fair Trade Decaf from the Turning Point Natural Food store, but I’m not sure of the price yet.
Organic Products from the Turning Point Natural Food store —  I will be selling a wide variety of organic products from the Turning Point Natural Food store in Montague (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oils, nut butters, canned goods, pasta, flours, sauces, soups, condiments, teas, vitamins, cleaning supplies, and more). I will be developing a product/price list over the next while, but if you want to order something before that, get in touch. I do have a list of many items and prices, but it will take a while to input into the computer, and even then won’t be an exhaustive list.
Drop-off specifics — Where should the box be left if you are not home? front porch? back porch? at neighbor’s? in shed? Please consider inclement weather and local animals.
Payment method — How will you be paying? If you’re not at home? Leave payment? Mail a cheque? If possible, advance payment is appreciated. Post-dated cheques are one option. I am not able to accept credit cards or Interac. Sorry, only cash, cheque, or money order.
Baked Goods — Starting in the fall I expect to carry a variety of organic goods from Junellen Clausheide’s bakery.
Allergies, Preferences, Substitutions — Please feel free to indicate any allergies, preferences, or your feelings about substitutions if you order a specific product that is not available. I hope to incorporate people’s preferences where feasible, especially as the variety of available fresh produce grows (no pun intended).
Prices subject to change — Prices are subject to change, depending on supply, cost, and other factors.
Delivery charge — In some cases, I may need to charge a small fee for delivery to non-central areas. (At this time I am definitely unable to deliver to O’Leary or Summerside.)
Other Products — I will be adding other products over time. Stay tuned…

You can contact Aaron at 902-659-2575, or by email at aaronkol at