By Opening This Book

By Opening This Book is a limited-edition 200-page book from artist Jonas Lund that is “not exactly a book”:

This is a book, yet not exactly a book, more a contract between Jonas Lund and You, the reader.

While browsing the Internet we all click mechanically and blindly on the boxes confirming that we “agree to the terms of service”, entering into a legally binding contract with the corporation behind the website, yet the omnipresence of the legal pop-ups (and the near physical impossibility to read them) has gradually emptied the agreement of any substance beyond a legal function.

In a similar move, by opening this book, you agree to all of the following terms as presented by Jonas Lund. Somewhere among the 200 blank pages, the artist has handwritten a URL giving the reader access to a unique page, on which the reader’s experience will begin. Each copy of this book is unique and no one but the artist knows what terms the reader agrees to by opening this book.

Lund has an interesting body of work; Walk with Me is a good place to start.