Open Beer

Mark McQuaid passed along a pointer to Free Beer for Geeks, a WIRED story about an open source beer project in Copenhagen.


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Alan on July 18, 2005 - 19:28 Permalink

That is a bit of a crock that has been circulating in the Open Source scene as all beer recipes are uncopyrighted — only a few techiques like “ice beer” are even patented as how do you patent just boiling and cooling and throwing in yeast. Breweries tend to prefer simple trade secret to protect the unique qualities of their product — most don’t even bother as it is more about skill than ingredients. As well, the recipe in question is also an incredibly vague not to mention unfeasible — it asks the homebrewer to boil 200 lbs of sugary fluid at one point. Very dangerous.

I was actually interviewed last month by The New York Times on this silliness:…