Ontario Science Centre Suddenly Closes

CBC reports that the Ontario Science Centre, where I spent my final year of high school, has suddenly closed:

The Ontario Science Centre is shutting down immediately due to the risk that the building’s roof could collapse, due to the use of a type of lightweight concrete that has prompted concern, the province announced Friday.

The abrupt closure, which the province says could last years, comes after the government’s  controversial announcement in 2023 that the popular landmark and attraction would be moved to the Ontario Place site — a move it says  will save costs.

I am not a conspiracy-minded person, but this seems like an awfully convenient conceit for closing the facility, given the Ontario government’s inane plan to downsize and move the Science Centre to the Toronto waterfront


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Thelma on June 21, 2024 - 21:33 Permalink

What sad news. I visited the OSC when I was 10 and there was one exhibit that made a huge impression on me: a tiny model stage that you could control the lights on as if you were lighting a play. I loved it so much. When I finally got to run lights for a real show in a real theatre, I fulfilled the dream sparked on that visit. I hope the Centre lives on to inspire other young people.