One Last Trip

The number of our friends who are taking “one last trip” with their kids this year — one last trip before their oldest child goes off to university — has now reached 4. I’m sure there are more. So far there are two Italys, a Scotland and a Greece. This makes me realize that the vast majority of people I know are 15 years older than I am.


Steven Garrity's picture
Steven Garrity on March 10, 2006 - 20:19 Permalink

Or 15 years younger…

Darren Peters's picture
Darren Peters on March 10, 2006 - 22:38 Permalink

Ah, Peter I know what it feels like. The vast majority of my friends fall into the same bracket. Here is hoping the latter years of our lives are not going to be lonely ones!!!!

Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on March 10, 2006 - 22:46 Permalink

I imagine that in 40 hours you and I will be sitting on a bench outside of Timothy’s, sipping our futuristic lates, and talking about the good old days.

Jodi's picture
Jodi on March 11, 2006 - 16:29 Permalink

Or even 10 years younger — maybe you are forgetting about us… (or do i not count peter, because i am family?)