One Day of

I released the site into the wild yesterday. Here’s what happened in the first 17 hours of its life:

  • 17,046 searches in total
  • Maximum rate of 34 searches/minute during the busiest hour.
  • 1,368 distinct keywords searched for (“Ghiz” was the most popular).
  • 1,896 distinct corporations viewed (29% of the total in the database).
  • 1,583 distinct shareholder/directors viewed (10% of the total in the database).
  • Visits from 254 distinct IP addresses.
  • Total searches from IP address 2856.
  • Total searches for “Peter Rukavina” from that IP address: 724
  • Top ten identifiable Internet domains of computers used to search:
    • Eastlink
    • Aliant
    • Government of PEI
    • CBC
    • silverorange
    • Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC)
    • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)
    • TD Bank
    • Ruranet
    • Wifi Charlottetown
  • Email thank-you messages received from news organizations: 3 4.
  • Maximum sustained bandwidth (5 minute average) for the webserver: 50 kB/s (i.e. not very much).
  • Delay after my release blog post that Google started to index the site: 15 minutes.
  • Delay for the Yahoo spider: 68 minutes.
  • Page weight of main page: 28.4K
  • Number of graphics used on the website: zero.
  • Number of pageviews of the FAQ: 249.

You can see some additional statistics about popular areas of the database on the Search Statistics page. To counter the effects of multiple identical searches for the same item (i.e. IP address, as above), I’ve modified the statistics page to factor this out.

There was a temporary flurry of concern today when the official Corporate Register operated by the province showed a “The Corporation Search is temporarily unavailable” message for the balance of the workday; it’s back in operation now, however, and it was likely simply a coincidence.


Chris Corrigan's picture
Chris Corrigan on November 29, 2008 - 05:54 Permalink

Hilarious about your single biggest user there! As they would say on Metafilter, eponysterical! Also funny that there were so many searches for government departmens and agencies…what do you think is behind that? Simple confusion about what a corporation is, or do you think someone was searching “Government of PEI” and expecting to find themselves listed along and a couple of hundred thousand other owners?


Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on November 29, 2008 - 19:55 Permalink

To be clear: the search statistics I quote are the *source* for searches — the people doing the searches, in other words, not what they’re searching for.

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Stephen Pate on November 29, 2008 - 21:11 Permalink

Is it true you drove them to close the site yesterday?

send me your email I have a private message

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Chris Corrigan on November 29, 2008 - 23:21 Permalink

Ah…got it. Well that makes sense then… all those public officials looking for info on their private brethern. A couple of thousand people truly do won something…